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Our yoga classes

A yoga class for every body

Find your flow.

From novice to expert, we have a class that meets you where you are. Our studio is hot & heated with room temperatures between 82 and 95 degrees for optimal flexibility.

60 minutes | Heated studio

POSE Foundation

This foundational vinyasa flow serves you with a smooth instruction, not just for the novice, but for any practitioner.

60 minutes | Heated studio


This upbeat vinyasa flow is an all-level comforting practice for any yogi. With a medium to high intensity and fun cadence, you will have a well-balanced flow.

60 minutes | Hot or Heated studio

POSE Power

This upbeat and adventurous vinyasa flow offers an all-level approach with a medium to high intensity. You will explore your own inner dynamics, helping to advance your practice.

60 minutes | Hot or Heated studio


This flow compliments with a blended dose of Vinyasa and abdominal core exercises; strengthening the mind and body experience.

60 minutes | Heated studio

POSE Deep Stretch

This low intensity flow is a restorative class focused on deep stretching. Blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets are available to assist in supporting poses for longer. This class will honor your mind and body, encompassing the mental and physical aspects of yoga but in a comforting, slower pace.

60 minuteS | Heated studio


This vinyasa flow is a comforting, all-level and slower paced practice for any yogi. With a low to medium intensity and fun cadence, you will have a well-balanced flow.

60 minutes | warm studio

POSE Prenatal

Moms-to-be can stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy by practicing yoga during pregnancy. The body may feel different during the gestational months. Prenatal yoga can address some of the issues that women experience during pregnancy. Breath work or pranayama can also guide one to a more centered space, physically and mentally during these months of pregnancy. Expecting moms can build strength, alleviate aches and pain, stay grounded, and build community with a yoga practice. Come to yoga and prepare your mind and body for childbirth. You do not have to have any prior yoga experience.

90 minutes | warm studio

POSE Trifecta

This is a great 90-minute tri class is broken down into three sects: pranayama (breath work), vinyasa deep stretch flow, and a sound bath to complete your practice. This class will carry you through your day!

60 minutes | warm studio

POSE Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a unique, restorative-esque style of yoga that was developed in the West. Yin compliments other styles of yang yoga; such as vinyasa, katonah, ashtanga, etc. Whereas yang yoga focuses on building strength, mobility, and flexibility through movement. Yin Yoga focuses upon the same; but through stillness. By holding poses for one to three minutes, yin yoga encourages gentle stretching that strengthens the joints.

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