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RYT-500, has been teaching yoga since 2017. She has taught vinyasa, power yoga, beginner's, yin/restorative, guided meditation in studios around Dallas. After moving to Texas in 2005, she experimented with different styles, then found her second home at a power yoga studio. Though the classes were challenging, she was encouraged by her favorite teacher. In her practice, she found physical power, but also developed calm strength in life's uncertainties. With the connection of body and breath, she experienced the freedom of complete presence and awareness. Yoga uncovered the connection to her true self. Soon, it became the catalyst for transformation. She underwent difficult, yet important life changes, while on the path of self-discovery. Yoga became an integral practice to refine the mind and body. She generously shares her passion for yoga with others. She creates a safe space for her students to build presence, awareness, and discover new possibilities.

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